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2020 in the rear-view; from the team at Stylecraft

23 December 2020

We asked our stair team to tell us their highs for 2020.

They came up with some good ones.

When you’re busy finding creative ways to take people to a higher level you tend to be upbeat!

Whatever the reason, from free Squiggles for builders, to kudos for New Zealand’s lockdown success, the answers show that 2020 was a great year!

Our valued customers

That’s who made Ella’s year great!

All of them. Thank you. Your positive attitude worked. And we appreciated your collaboration as we all kept going – while keeping everyone safe.

Bonita gave us 3 highs. Her first?

  • Experiencing the positivity and can-do attitude of both team members and customers as we navigated lockdown and the ongoing effects of this pandemic
  • Her second highlight: completing my first year at Stylecraft.
  • And… Becoming a first time Aunty 😊 Congratulations, Bonita – very exciting!

Customer appreciation

We were still in lockdown on Anzac Day, but don’t worry, the sacred Anzac cookies were delivered at the first opportunity.

That’s the part Hayley likes best:

Adding extra sweet treats to our deliveries – Anzac biscuits in May (since it was lockdown in April!) and then mini chocolate biscuits like Squiggles since then.  It’s a builder’s favourite part of their stair delivery 😊

The lockdown

We don’t pretend to love it, but it’s one of those things. As Jane points out, we wouldn’t be where we are now without it.

I’m appreciating how the especially rigorous lockdown efforts we all made early in the year have really paid off in comparison to my home country, where additional 8 (and counting) more months have been spent with less strict and less effective lockdowns. They’re spending time working out how to manage, while we’re back to delivering for our customers so construction can proceed.

Jane’s other highpoint?
Already a happy customer, she has a new job – As a designer for Stylecraft!

A new truck

For Pearl, the new Stylecraft truck in Wellington is a big highlight.  It has made customer deliveries much easier to manage and get to site when needed.

Watch out Auckland, here we come!

It’s happening. Soon.  We’re adding a showroom to our Auckland office and factory – scheduled to open in early 2021. One of Kaye’s highlights as she’s loved meeting with a number of our Auckland clients in person this year!  And another one from Kaye…

Staircase industry news

There’s been an increase in multi-unit & terraced housing which we specialise in.
By increasing our work for these types of projects, it’s exciting that we can work with New Zealand builders and developers who are helping with the housing shortage

If you’d like to find out more about our multi-unit housing offerings, take a look at these 2020 case studies:

18 STAIRS ORGANISED DURING LOCKDOWN  The customer thought they’d given us an impossible task. But with a combination of focus and flexibility we had the 18 stairs measured, made and installed by the deadline.

The blog SAVING OUR CUSTOMER $6 FIGURES shows the benefit to you of talking to your stair supplier early on in any given building project.

And if you love the idea of a One Stop Shop for your staircase, take a look at this one: CONCEPT TO COMPLETION – ENTIRE STAIRWELL DONE BY ONE COMPANY


Well, the never-to-be-forgotten year called 2020 is almost over. A year that’s been turbulent in some ways, but at the same time, crazy busy, and very productive.

We’re planning to take a good break, recoup our energy, and step it up in 2021.


The team at Stylecraft Stairways wishes you the best for 2021.

Enjoy a holiday that’s safe, happy and fun!

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