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29 September 2020

The design is stunning. The stair curves around a central cedar-slatted wall.
Many different types of components had to be coordinated.
This type of project can quickly become a scheduling headache for a builder, but our customer discovered the joys of putting it all into the hands of one supplier.

The Project: Staircase for student accommodation in Auckland.

The design, manufacture and installation of all the components of a complete stairwell. This included the curved wall, the staircase, the cedar slats and a continuous steel handrail.

The Challenge

It can be a nightmare for builders to coordinate the different facets of a job where so many trades are involved. Sometimes three or four different companies have to be managed.

Everything has to fit together flawlessly – quite a tall order when the parts are being made by several different companies.

On top of that, the timeline must proceed smoothly. It’s important that materials and fabricated parts be delivered in the right sequence.
Not on time, and the job is delayed. Too soon, and damage can occur to finished materials while they wait for installation.

Our Solution – 3 advantages, 1 company

1.   Save project management time

We took complete responsibility for the whole stairwell project – cutting out a huge amount of project management time for them.
Need to know  what stage something’s at? Only one person to ask.
No more trying to get 3 or 4 companies to work together.

2.  Faster completion – ready when you need it

Our single point of contact in our project team liaises closely with your projects team to make sure that critical deadlines are met.

Working with just one contact point at one company means that the parts are on site when you need them.

What does this mean? The whole project moves forward on schedule.


There’s another advantage to getting the stairs in quickly. Your team will have a safe accessway early on in the project. Saves time too!

3.  Quality results

You know the hassle of having to fit parts together, all made by different companies?

We eradicated this  problem completely. Because every single component of the stairwell, staircase, curved wall, cedar slats and handrail was designed in our CAD system for a close fit.

These parts were then made in our facility and shipped as needed to the site.

They were then integrated into a professionally-crafted stairwell that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Final Result

The perfect joinery of the finished job and a seamless subcontracting experience for our customer by using a one-stop shop!

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