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Case Study: Saving our customer $six figures

24 July 2020

This case study illustrates the benefits of talking to your stair supplier early on in the project.

The project:  a large terraced housing and apartment combo situated in central Auckland.

The spec:  Some beautifully designed stairs, with the apartment projects already pre-sold based on a render including an image of the stairs.

The problem:  All of the stair tender submissions had come in several hundred thousand dollars over budget due to the design and specification provided.  With the project already over budget in other areas too, a solution had to be found to reduce the cost of these.

And the solution?  This is where we have the advantage of experience, knowledge, and a can-do attitude.  Not to mention teamwork and the capacity to be able to deliver large projects of this nature on time, to a high standard of quality.

Our team took the renders and the budget and brainstormed.  We found new products that would allow us to make a stair that would look just like the render.  We made suggestions of extra details and fixing methods that were fine to draw, but not really needed in real life.  And we came up with a design that looked good and met the budget.

As a result, what initially looked like an impossible task was proved to be entirely possible, and with the updated spec we had just saved our client more than six figures on their stair contract.  Needless to say this left everyone feeling pretty happy.

This project included a total of 79 solid timber stairs, with Stylecraft being contracted to complete the supply & installation of the stairs & handrails.  Painting was completed on site by others after the stair installation had been completed - the pictures above show work in progress on this.

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