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How to calculate the cost of stairs in NZ

2 March 2020

A feature stairway is an investment. It not only adds value to your house, but like a work of art or a valuable piece of furniture it adds another dimension to your interior design. When working out what that new staircase is going to cost you, the 3 aspects to consider are your stair layout, the materials you plan to use and the size of the staircase. We’ll step you through the options for each factor to help you decide which style of stairway is the one for you and how much it will cost.

1. Stair layout

Straight stairs are usually the most economical choice. These can be constructed with or without a landing. The treads and risers are mostly the same size and shape which saves money.
Some stairs require winder steps due to the available space in the stairwell, and these result in a higher price.
The design and manufacture of a curved staircase is more complex, so will naturally be more expensive.

2. Materials

Carpet quality staircase is a good option if you’re trying to keep the budget down.
Constructed either out of Triboard or H3.2 Pine Plywood, these stairways can be covered with the material of your choice - carpet, tiles, timber or paint.
Reckon on $800 to $1500 + GST for a standard design.
Installation is usually done by the builder and is not included in our price, although we can include it on request.

Solid timber staircases typically cost between $2500 and $12500 + GST for a standard design. This price also does not include installation as they’re usually installed by the builder.

We’ve categorized the timber we use as follows:

Lowest value

An indicative price for a solid timber staircase in one of the following timbers might be $2500 - $5500.

Pine, American Ash, Macrocarpa.

Mid range – Indicative price $5500 - $8500

American Maple, American Oak (FAS Grade), Australian Oak (formerly known as Tasmanian Oak or Victorian Ash), American Oak (Super Prime Grade), Rosewood, Pilularis (Blackbutt), Saligna, Jarrah, Kwila.

Premium range – Indicative price $8500 - $12,500

DA (Sap) Rimu, Coloured Rimu, Tasmanian Blackwood, Heart Matai, American Black Walnut, Heart Rimu.

The value of your timber stairway can be further increased with upgrades such as bullnose treads, cut stringers, LED lighting, or bolection moulding details.

Of course, these prices are an informed estimate. Variables such as stair layout, size needed and the grade of timber will all affect the final price.

Floating steel staircase

Expect to invest between $25,000 and $35,000 + GST for this fully installed beauty. Engineering, balustrades and handrails are all included in this price.  You get a completed stairwell on site.

3. Size of the stairway

More material and workmanship will be needed for a wider or higher staircase.
The more risers and treads required, and the wider you need the staircase to be, the more it will cost.


The same size principle applies to balustrades.  The main contributors to price are the number of metres required, and the layout.  It’s more difficult to provide indicative prices per metre as this can vary a lot depending on these factors, so we’ve put the following alternatives in order from the lowest to the highest cost:

  • Timber for painting i.e. pine
  • Timber for clear-finishing i.e. oak
  • Timber full height screen
  • Wrought iron
  • Wire rigging
  • Full height steel screen
  • Glass – toughened, with structural handrail
  • Glass – laminated Sentry glass

Every stair and balustrade from Stylecraft is custom made with a number of variations, so for accurate pricing you need to get a quote off plans or a site measure. Once you start building, changes could be required to the staircase layout or design which might affect the cost. We’d always let you know about these after we’ve come to the site so you can consider the best option.

Here’s a guideline of what different levels of budget will get you as a stair package:

Low budget – carpet grade stair
Medium budget – Carpet Stair with Feature balustrade OR Timber stair with no balustrade (i.e. between walls)
High budget – Curved wooden stairs or Feature floating staircase
Luxury budget – Curved floating steel stairs

Beyond price

When you’re investing in a beautiful stairway look for superior construction, high-quality materials and a reputable supplier who is able to show you a portfolio of stunning projects.
This will guarantee a wow factor that you (and your guests) will enjoy for years to come!

Working with Stylecraft is easy. We take care of everything from conception through site measure to final installation.

Tell us your ideas onsite or visit our showroom and we’ll help you to select the best design for your stairway.

Contact us by Email or phone 04 237 5845 for a consultation.


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