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15 April 2021

You’ve found your dream home. Now to design your dream stairway. Gone are the days when stairs were strictly for travel between floors. Now, stairs are stepping out and claiming the stage. And what better way to highlight these show-offs than by incorporating footlights or lighted handrails?

We get enquiries from builders, architects and homeowners on how to illuminate stairs.

Here are 3 ways that we use to add in-stair lighting…

1. Recessed into the tread nosing – solid timber stairs

Stairs can be softly flood-lit by installing LED lighting under the tread nosing. In this example, light coloured, American Ash treads, plus gentle illumination, add up to a warm welcome. Note how the beautiful grain is enhanced by the lighting.

Who would have thought that something so beautiful could also be a safety feature?

2. Underneath the tread – floating stairs

For a dramatic entryway

Here the black walnut treads of a feature stair float up a steel stringer.
A frameless glass balustrade allows unobstructed views to the outdoors.
And at night…

LED lights, fitted into a groove at the base of each tread, turn the whole stairway into an impressive work of art.

Under tread lighting

In another project, the light colour of the hand rail and treads – American white ash finished with an anti-yellowing salt wash and clear finish – is further accentuated by LED lighting installed into the base of each tread.

Again, glass balustrades keep the look light, modern and open.

The steel stringer gives an interesting contrast of colour and texture.

3. In the handrail

For warm ambience, handrail lighting is another winner. It adds its own drama to a stair, and gives light where you need it – at your feet.

Lighting can be installed inside one or both handrails.

We install LED lighting into the underside of the handrail, ready to be hooked up onsite by an electrician.

The image below shows how LED lighting is installed in a timber handrail.

Good news for builders

Custom-designed stairs and lighting.

Every feature of our stairs – style, timber, stringers, balustrades and handrails –  is chosen with care. And stair lighting is no exception. So it’s important that incorporated lighting is planned for early.

The lighting features will be merged into the initial layout.  Our manufacturing team will then prewire the lighting into the appropriate stair parts while they’re in our shop. There will be no visible wires. When the different components are delivered to the site for installation, the lighting will be ready for the final connection by an electrician.

The result? A hassle-free installation for builders and contractors.

Another total stairway system will be ready to be enjoyed!


Give us a call for more details.  0800 896 500

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