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Steel Stair 11

This stairwell is a modern, architectural centrepiece in this Taupo beach home! The treads and handrail are made from laminated American White Ash and have been finished with an anti-yellowing salt wash and clear finish. Special grooves were cut into the base of each tread for LED light strips. The steel stringer is powder coated in Ironsand. Frameless glass balustrade was specially selected to ensure minimum obstruction of the outside views and maximum light flow throughout the stairwell and living areas.   Reference: 15185

Technical Specifications

StairsAmerican Ash treads on central steel stringer
BalustradesFrameless glass with American Ash handrail
OtherLED strip lighting to front underside of treads
Specify this stair asStylecraft Stairways Steel Stair 11/15185