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Choosing the Perfect Stair Design: Housed Vs Cut Stringers

10 July 2023

Cut vs. Housed Stringers: Choosing the Perfect Stair Design

When designing a staircase there is one crucial element to consider: the stringer. The stringers play a vital role in providing structural support to the treads and risers, ensuring a safe and stable staircase. Two common types of stringers are used in residential stairs: cut stringers and housed stringers. Let's explore these options together to help you make an informed decision for your staircase design.

Cut stringers, also known as sawtooth or hidden stringers, are popular with many homeowners. As the name suggests, cut stringers are open, revealing the rise and run of the stairs. This design allows the treads to be exposed when viewed from the side of the stairway, creating a visually appealing look. Cut stringers offer a sense of openness and can be an excellent choice if you want to showcase the individual steps of your staircase. This design creates a clean symmetrical appearance, giving the impression that the steps are floating between the stringers. Cut stringers offer a more contemporary and minimalist look, perfect for those who prefer a sleek and symmetric staircase.

On the other hand, housed stringers, also referred to as routed, boxed, or solid stringers, provide a different approach to stair design. With housed stringers, the treads and risers are routed into the stringers themselves, hiding the edges of the treads. Creating a timeless traditional look that is often paired with balustrades and handrails to further encase the stringers in a more secure-looking design.

When collaborating with our team of experts, you can rest assured that they are well-versed in all safety codes and regulations. In addition to having a high level of detail on the design aspect, they realise how crucial it is to have a good knowledge of safety codes and regulations when choosing stringers for your stairs. Our team ensures that all designs adhere to the required safety standards, providing ample support for your staircase.

So, when it comes to choosing between cut stringers and housed stringers, it all boils down to your personal style and preference. Do you want that open and exposed look, or are you more drawn to the clean symmetrical look? Both designs have the power to create jaw-dropping staircases that elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. And remember, your personal style and preferences should always be taken into account when working with professionals like us. We're here to bring your staircase vision to life, combining our expert knowledge with your design wants and needs. Together, we'll create something truly stunning for your future home.

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