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Carpet Quality Staircases

What You Need To Start

When you have a project with multiple units being constructed at once, tight timelines and a tight budget, you need to know you're dealing with a supplier who can not only give a competitive price, but do this without compromising on lead times or quality.

That's exactly what we've done for many developers around the Wellington region.  You can choose from our full range of stairs, including basic carpet grade, through to high end timber stairs that will add a point of difference to your developments.  Our experience in working on this kind of project means we can offer you a large quantity of top quality stairs within a short timeframe, anywhere in Wellington.

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What We've Done For Our Developers

Working With You

Start off by sending us your plans at tender stage, and we’ll provide an accurate quote for you to include in your project budget.  If you want to consider upgrading your stairs to a higher spec to add value to your development, let us know and we can recommend a range of options that might suit your project.

We can measure your project as soon as your frames are up, and provide treated stairs so that you can install your stairs early on in the project, which gives your builders safe and easy access and speeds up the project.

Timing can be an essential part of getting your development finished on time.  That's why we offer a 'pre-booking' service.  To do this, let our team know when your site will be ready for a site measure and when you will need the stairs delivered.  Our team can then slot your project into our production system and ensure that space is reserved for the stair manufacture and delivery.  This can often shorten the time between site measure and delivery by a week or more.  Note that this service is subject to sufficient notice being given.

Our team can assist you with projects requiring anything from 1 to 100+ stairs.

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