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Traditional stair and wrought iron balustrade by Stylecraft Stairways

What You Need To Start

Every builder knows that having accurately made stairs delivered to site on time makes a huge difference to your project.

Getting your stairs in means safe access for you and your team of subbies.  It means you can easily transport things between floors and greatly reduces the risks of accidents or near misses on temporary site stairs.

That's why our entire focus is on meeting your needs as a builder:  we want to make sure your stairs are delivered when you need them, at the right measurements, and to the highest standard of quality.  Our team knows how important this is for you to be able to make good progress on your project.

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What We've Done For Our Builders

Working With You

You can start by sending us your plans for pricing, which we can then hold in our system until you are ready for a site measure.  Even if your build is still a long way from commencing, if we know about your project it means we have the best possible chance of meeting your deadlines when the project does get underway.

Once your frames are in place, just give us a call and one of our friendly team members will book you in for the next available site measure date.  Our production team will then take over, scheduling all the components in for manufacture and installation (if required) to suit your schedule on site.

As an extra plus we send all of our stairs out with a free pack of screws and a pack of edible goodies for your team to enjoy on site.  It pays to be the one taking delivery when your Stylecraft stairs arrive!  (If you have a large team on site feel free to let us know.  If our dispatch team is in a good mood they might be able to throw in some extras for you.  Ask them nicely.)

We offer an installation service for all of our interior stairs, balustrades and handrails.  This is a popular choice for builders who want to leave their team able to focus on other parts of the project.  (Note, if we are installing your balustrade, we also usually install your stairs to ensure the best possible fit between items.)

We don't currently offer an installation service for exterior stairs or exterior balustrades.




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