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Traditional stair and wrought iron balustrade by Stylecraft Stairways

What You Need To Start

If your time is tight managing a large number of projects, or even just one highly technical one, our project managed stair service is the answer for you.

If your client has selected an architectural stair, bring us the plans and we'll take care of the whole process for you:  accurate site measure, manufacture, and installation of all components.  You'll save time and hassle because you only need to deal with one company and you can be assured of an on time, high quality outcome.

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What We've Done For Our Builders

Working With You

You can start by sending us your plans for pricing, which we can then hold in our system until you are ready for a site measure.

Once your frames are in place, just give us a call and one of our friendly team members will book you in for the first available site measure date.  Our projects team will then take over, scheduling all the components in for manufacture and installation to suit your schedule on site.

If it suits your project, steel stairs can often be installed early in the project, and temporary treads fitted by your team, until the project is closer to completion.  The final components of timber treads, balustrades and handrails are then installed once you're close to finishing, to maintain their high quality finish.




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