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Case Study: The Florian: A Captivating Development on Kapiti Coast

31 August 2023

Nestled in the heart of the Kapiti Coast lies a new development that captures the essence of coastal living in all its glory. With pristine beaches, lush nature reserves, enticing dining options, and convenient shopping destinations only a stone's throw away, The Florian by Thames Pacific, in collaboration with architectural firm Stapleton-Elliot and Built Construction Group Limited, stands as a testament to the perfect blend of location and design.


The Florian offers an unparalleled lifestyle. This townhouse development comprises 64 two and three-bedroom units, designed to cater to modern living while celebrating the beauty of the surrounding environment. The project encapsulates the spirit of Paraparaumu, creating a vibrant community within its boundaries.


A Staircase Like No Other

One of the standout features of The Florian is the inclusion of meticulously crafted staircases by Stylecraft Stairways. We had the privilege to sit down with Josh Schlogl, the Site Manager, to gain insights into how these staircases seamlessly integrate into the development's overall design.


The Design Challenge

Incorporating staircases into a multi-unit development often comes with unique challenges. Some of the two-bedroom units at The Florian feature a double-winder stair design, adding complexity to the construction process. The prenail aspect of the build posed an additional challenge, meaning designing stairs from plans wasn't a straightforward option due to the intricacies involved. However, with the expertise of the Design Team's Site Measurer, Hamish, these challenges were met head-on, ensuring that each staircase was flawlessly integrated with the correct tolerances.

At Stylecraft Stairways, we can design from prenail plans if there are no expected changes – or we can measure/offer DIY site measurement. Designing from plans may be quicker as we can get the design done and the job into production before your framing is complete, however, regardless of the design process opted for, we still work to your due date.


Seamless Collaboration

Stylecraft Stairways played a pivotal role in the success of The Florian's development. The collaboration began well before construction commenced, ensuring pricing and timelines were aligned. Stairs were manufactured in advance and stored in shipping containers, streamlining the installation process. Even when unforeseen challenges arose, Stylecraft's agility and commitment to the project shone through, exemplifying their professionalism.


Endorsement from the Expert

When asked about his experience with Stylecraft Stairways, Josh praised the supplier's willingness to understand their needs and communicate consistently throughout the process. The ability to address unexpected issues with speed and efficiency was a defining factor in the success of the collaboration, along with our attractive pricing and our production capabilities.


“The mark of a professional supplier is working with you to understand your needs. Stylecraft Stairways communicated with us throughout the process, issues pop-up in construction and things happen. The true testament of a supplier is their ability to act quickly and get things done.”


A Quiet Powerhouse

In a development as breath-taking as The Florian, every element plays a role in its success. While staircases might not be the focal point, they are undeniably essential, allowing the project to reach new heights—both literally and metaphorically. The Florian's ability to offer a high-quality living environment owes to the seamless integration of Stylecraft Stairways' products.



The Florian stands as a shining example of how architecture, design, and location can harmoniously coalesce to create an exceptional living space. With its stunning coastal backdrop, thoughtful architectural design, and contributions from industry professionals like Stylecraft Stairways, this development has truly redefined the art of coastal living. As future architects and builders seek inspiration, they can undoubtedly learn from the collaboration that brought The Florian to life—an endeavour that showcases the power of teamwork, expertise, and dedication in turning dreams into reality.


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